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COncise Measure Of Subjective Well-Being (COMOSWB)

단축형 행복 척도

A concise, culturally nuanced 9-item subjective well-being scale is introduced. The measure includes 3 positive and negative emotion items, respectively, representing high, medium, and low levels of arousal. Satisfaction is measured in three separate domains of life-personal, relational, and collective. This Concise Measure of Subjective Well-Being (COMOSWB) shows strong levels of reliability (internal, test-retest) and clear patterns of convergent and discriminant validity. Compared to existing measures of happiness, the COMOSWB adds interdependent aspects in measuring satisfaction and includes emotion items that are more balanced in terms of arousal level.


Although copyrighted, the Concise Measure of Subjective Well-Being (COMOSWB) scale may be used if proper citaiton is given below. 

Original Reference:


          서은국, 구재선 (2011). 단축형 행복 척도 (COMOSWB) 개발 및 타당화. 한국심리학회지: 사회 및 성격, 25, 95-113. 


          Suh, E., M. & Koo, J. (2011). Concise Measure of Subjective Well-Being (COMOSWB): Scale development and

validation. Events and subjective well-being. Korean Journal of Social and Personality Psychology, 25, 95-113. 


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